One person was needed; one flawless

Blood was shed

A covenant was made

Darkness all over; the sun was paying respect

The long dead were partakers; it was time to leave their cages

Something strange; not even a sister event had happened before

It was totally new

Many were present, but to be a part was a choice


When it happened, all that was in sight was a glorious end

Money, good health, life

It was like reaping where one didn’t sow

But the sacrifice is usually never the end

Commitment was needed and there was no going back

Force and threat were never part of the rules

Only a matchless power to obey the ‘easy rules’

Now we have one big real April fool

He didn’t understand the single death that meant life for all

The mystery of the death of our Lord Jesus cannot be described…



The sky wasn’t so blue that day; I would say it was reddish-orange. The evening was somewhat warm, so was the atmosphere generally. Unlike my past experiences I got a response from everyone I greeted and as usual I stopped over at mama osamusali’s shop to get my chocolate chic choc biscuits that had white cream between each set of two. I was trying to get home quickly on a Monday evening, Bible study was awesome but because I saw my crush (God forgive my ignorance), he seemed like the most handsome, nicest and cutest guy I had ever seen. I thought about him as I chewed my hard crunchy chocolate biscuit not minding if I would get water somewhere around to wet my dry throat.

So many things awaited my arrival and I realized just in time. In front of the house was an extra pair of palm slippers I knew not the owner.

‘We must have a visitor’ …I thought…when I got in, my guess was right. It was grandpa. I greeted him in my dialect, ‘the only thing I actually knew how to do in it’. afterwards I had to keep quiet because I had the option of speaking pidgin English or my dialect and my dad wouldn’t let me speak pidgin English and I couldn’t speak my dialect.

grnpaI was with him, spinning his old black bowler hat around and admiring the feather on it when I heard my name

…the way African parents call you when you’ve done something wrong…

‘Yes daddy’ I screamed with confidence.

‘Who came to this drawer?’

I remembered in a flash that I was there but for fear of being shouted at or blamed for any missing item I quickly said,

‘Daddy I don’t know’

My other sisters answered in the negative as well

‘I will still get you, don’t worry, and just go’

I went back to my grandpa and he began a story that described my action. Here’s the story

…to be continued…

van damme


A baby doesn’t just appear in the world, the baby is conceived in the womb, and so is every action of man. It is first born as an idea in the mind of that man. Virtually everything one does starts in the mind. Philemon 14:1 says but without thy mind would I do nothing. As much as little actions are first birthed in the mind, extraordinary actions also involve the mind. There is a relationship between your mind and your actions. “The greater the impact of an action, the greater the engagement and involvement of the mind towards the carrying out of that action”.   Dudu Tosan. You think for little or no time at all before deciding to brush your teeth in the morning but your mind must be totally involved and in agreement with your body to stand on the side mirrors of two moving Volvo trucks to do an epic split like Van Damme. You can think of the normal things everyone does but it takes more effort to engage your mind for the extraordinary. I came across some rules for engaging the mind for the extraordinary.van damme The first is ‘engaging the imaginative mind’: everyone has the power to imagine but not everyone engages the imaginative mind profitably. When you imagine, there’s a strong power that backs it up and causes you to act. The reason you don’t act is because of lack of another rule of the mind I will yet explain. I have a friend whose imagination scares me (positively). We had a talent show once in school and guess the talent he put up… magic! All of the things he did were not out of the natural but we were overwhelmed because the tricks he did were beyond our imagination at that moment like turning water into wine. It was after the event that we were all forced to think of the possible things that made the water change color because it wasn’t real wine that anyone could drink. God knows too that nothing can stop you from doing what you have imagined to do. According to Genesis 11:6 …and now nothing can be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. Also remember that the imaginative mind thinks of what one will need in the next ten years and provides solution to them now which makes people overwhelmed and your offering to the society, extraordinary! Watch out for the next rule; the doubtless mind…

business man concepts


Many businesses are started with the aim of making money and the people who run them forget or do not know what the ultimate reason for business should be. One who is in business to make money alone is set to fail, drop out easily and quickly and de-motivate himself for future businesses. There are a lot of ways to make money but a very few ways to build and sustain a long lasting impactful business; one worthy of making headline news and surviving passage of centuries. Some of the elements to help build solid businesses have been put together in the acronym SPD.business man concepts

Service: most people don’t see their customers, they see the customer’s wallet, and thus when the customers make complaints or are dissatisfied, they don’t care. You must be concerned about rendering selfless service to the consumer; one that makes them feel important. Your notion to getting into business should also be service oriented. Someone who gets into business with the ideology ‘I want to touch the lives of a million people’ will be far successful than one whose notion is ‘I want to make ten million naira’. While the former will be concerned about everything that satisfies the consumer, the later will always want to increase profit and may never gain market share.  Most mission statements of renowned companies are always to touch lives, make you smile, get you a means of staying connected etc. they are customer and service oriented not money oriented.

Passion: there’s one phrase that can be used to describe someone who has passion for something; they ‘stay positive’. They are not tossed by the wind of failure and criticism. They keep trying and persevere; they are diligent in business. Passion for and in business will help you through the rough times of it and make you enjoy the benefits without relenting. What’s more? You can develop and build passion. Continually surround yourself with the human elements that motivate you and your passion for that business will always remain.

Desire for fulfillment: so many people who are in business don’t desire to be fulfilled and haven’t even given it a thought. This may seem abstract but the truth is someone who has a desire to be fulfilled, living each day as if it were his or her last will treat business differently. If it is a short term business, you are safe but if it’s one you want generations after you to be part of, then there should be a desire to be fulfilled. This was one element that helped Steve Jobs in his last days; the thought that he was close to death as a result of cancer and more pressing thought of living everyday as if it were his last.

‘most times the seemingly little services we offer with little or no attention to money build up to announce us to our world and give us a sense of fulfillment’……………….Tosan Dudu



An atmosphere is simply what is around, an environment. Looking at the world today, the atmosphere is harmful, wicked and destructive and if you want to describe it in one word, the word would be ‘’sinful’’ The world today has a sinful atmosphere, what you watch, see, hear, touch, feel e.t.c all points to sin, it’s has the motto of MTN, everywhere you go. It’s hard to believe there is someone righteous in the world today, some even believe there is no one righteous expect God but thank God that He is not a liar (HEB 6:18 ‘’in which it is impossible for God to lie’’) for those in Christ are righteous (2 cor 5:21 ‘’that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him).

Some would ask is it possible to live a righteous life in this world? The answer is yes, by the grace of God, it is possible. We were made righteous by grace and we would continue in righteousness by grace. But how? Well most people do not understand the concept of grace, some see it as an avenue to live anyhow and still remain righteous but that is wrong ‘’for God has not called us to be impure but to live a righteous life’’(1 the 4:7). Some would say ‘God doesn’t look at my sins, after all am not under the law but under grace’. Well, let me put it in a better way so you would understand, we are not under the LAW OF MOSES which the law of sin took advantage of, rather we are under the LAW OF GRACE. There are protocols in the kingdom of God and there is a way grace works and abounds towards us and it is by the Word of God. We were saved by grace through faith and we would continue in grace through Faith. When the word of God becomes your companion, you discover that you cannot sin except you want to. The atmosphere of grace is within you and it is faith generated from the word of God that brings you into the reality of that atmosphere. Don’t let the world influence you, rather let the Word play that part and you would discover that the atmosphere of grace is more real than the atmosphere of sin in the world today, for spiritual realities are more real than physical realities because physical realities came out of spiritual realities. Go to the Word today.



Someone sent a text to me a few days ago on whatsapp and it got me thinkin of the things that could happen in a few years.

Have you ever wondered why most of the products mentioned didn’t make it to the future? A lot was happening in the world that wasn’t taken note off and it was like the world was getting too fast for them. They were probably losing out ever passing day without realizing it.

I will give you three tips that mustn’t be missing in your business so that you don’t fall victim and get missing in the future.

  • CREATIVITY: People get tired of routines and regular things. You will never satisfy them if you are presenting the same thing all the time. Learn to keep thinking on your toes. Creativity will help your product, packaging, advertising etc. What’s more; you don’t learn creativity, inspiration births it. Creativity is not also common to some people; everyone can be creative one way or the other. One way to know if a business is creative is by their presentation; in three years they would have changed something about their four p’s which include product, price, place and promotion. Customers needs change, learn to anticipate these needs and satisfy them through creativity.
  • ADVERTISING: No matter how strong your position is in the market or how large your market share is, advertising is key to stay on top. The moment you stop advertising you lose audience without knowing.
  • RESEARCH: In order to carry out the above effectively and to know what indeed your customers want information is important. Always get the necessary information to keep you acquainted with the actions of your customers towards your product. The way you go about this research depends on your business and the type of information you need.

Finally let me let you know that everyone and every product are involved. If you are presenting anything that satisfies a need then you have a product. The three tips above are not all you need, just a few. Be on the look for more.

I wish you the best in business and make sure you remain business heroes of the PRESENT.


Rivers State house of assembly crises (an insult to democracy)

Hello faithful readers, I am sure you have been enjoying your week. Today we will like to bring to your notice the happenings of Rivers state house of assembly in details. I am sure you are quite conversant with all that has been going on but we will like to give you more hints even to what happened yesterday.

It all started with the incidence where five law makers came together to impeach the former speaker house of assemble Dan Amachree and elect a new one Evans Bipi which is against the constitution whereby two-third majority of the house is required before any impeachment can take place. In the same meeting after they had impeached and elected a new speaker house of assembly, the remaining twenty seven members came in a range and one of the senators Chidi Lloyd attacked another with the maze who he claimed had attacked him earlier.

The purpose of this meeting was to present the auditing bill. This was done after the former had taken place. It was done in a disturbed atmosphere as a lot of atrocities had already been caused. The newly self-acclaimed speaker came with thugs whose noise was heard during the proceedings of the meeting which is purely wrong and denotes disorderliness and lack of organization.

Many blame the commissioner of police for not seeing to the safety of the governor and the environment during the occurrence of this barbaric event.

According to the words of Professor Wole Soyinka; he thinks the president’s wife has a hand in it noting the fact that she is from Rivers State. He also pointed out an incident which occurred at her arrival; that the River state governor wasn’t allowed to get across some certain place because she was in the state. He called on the president publicly to cub the excesses of his wife.

The president has cut himself clear from all that has been going on  saying he has no hand in the issue but who are we to blame? The same president was in Ethiopia when his governors were to be elected, what president has no hand in the affairs of his governors? Someone is indeed beating the drum from above and others are merely dancing to it. The worst of it is that plans are up to impeach the governor himself but if this happens then we will know that the downfall of our democracy has begun.

More shows crowned the whole event yesterday. Four governors from the north (Kano, Jigawa, Niger and Adamawa precisely) visited the state to see for themselves if what they had heard was true but they got the message just before they got in. Some youths including mobs attacked them with stones and all sorts near the airport. They shouted at them and told them to go and rule the affairs of the northern states. Indeed according to professor Wole Soyinka what sort of a jungle do we live in?

In my opinion this is an insult to democracy, this is the lowest Nigeria can get and infact anything worse than these will be dragging us through the Sahara sand hot enough to fry Nigeria democracy. Feel free to drop your opinions, they count a lot. Learn from the mistakes of your leaders and don’t be a VICTIM.



I had just finished an eight- hour- at- a- stretch lecture and another failed attempt at pleasing my supervisor with my project literature review, though I was on a five point, my supervisor had bluntly said to my face that the possibility of me graduating was very low considering that final year project was a necessity to graduating. I was confused as to what my supervisor wanted from me, because I actually did all I knew to do in compiling a comprehensive literature review for him. I was the most frustrated person on the face of the earth at that point in time, it was like my five years of labor was crumbling before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I walked to the cafeteria with countless thoughts on my mind, rage, frustration, hopelessness, fear, disappointment and a whole lot of different emotions I could not recognize coursing through my veins. My strength was drained, I needed to eat something else I’ll topple over and not graduating would be the least of my parent’s trouble. As usual the cafeteria was streaming with hungry students, immediately; I spotted my friend and walked up to him, “guy wetin do you? You look dead are you ok?” he asked

“see ehn, just get me food that’s all I need” I replied and from nowhere a girl appeared in my face.

“really? there’s no way he’s getting you food, I suggest you join the line because I’ve been here for the past thirty minutes waiting patiently for my turn, so you cannot just come out from nowhere and expect to get food like you’re the son of the chancellor…….”

She was talking so fast I could barely hear any of her words; I just stood there staring at her, watching her mouth move but not able to make out the words she spoke. She had a really pretty face but it was all twisted in a raging scowl, she was deficient in height and slim at the same time, perfectly petite but her voice was like that of a giant, she didn’t mind that she had to look up to scream at me, all she was concerned about was making her point. She reminded me of someone I used to know, her confidence irrespective of her size. There was something about her that  mesmerized me I could not place my hands on it but I could feel it to my core, like there was a connection between us two or was it my tired frustrated mind playing tricks on me? Either way, my heart started beating twice as fast and I felt myself drawn to her, she was very attractive and I could not resist her radiance and charm, I just kept staring at her, ears disabled.

I needed to say something, anything “erm…hey am sorry ok? Just calm down, and take a deep breath, everything is going to be alright” I was sounding insane and I knew it from the look my friend gave me. The word were directed at my little confrontation but I knew they were for me.

Everything started duplicating, I was seeing double, sweating and my legs began to shake, I needed to get out of here, everyone were beginning to stare at me, and one by one they turned into my supervisor the cafeteria was swarmed with hundreds of my supervisors they all stared at me each holding a board with the words “extra year” boldly written on it with a red paint that looked like blood, now they started laughing and coming towards me, that eerie frightening laughter you hear in an horror movie only that this was real, I stared to run, run for the entrance but even the entrance had disappeared all three entrances to the cafeteria had vanished, but still I kept running, my vision started to blur and gradually everything turned black.

“Guy wake up nar, you no wan graduate ni?” I heard my roommate’s voice, distorted but I could still recognize it, I struggled to find my way back from wherever I was to my room, what was going on? My eyes popped open and the first face I saw was my supervisor, I screamed but like a flash it disappeared and only my roommate remained, he had a confused look on his face.

“Tunde are you ok…?” he asked “you look like you just saw a ghost and why the hell did you scream like a bloody girl” he stood over my bed dressed in a black suit like he was going for a wedding or something?” Boye was my best friend more like a brother cause we did practically everything together since we met in hundred level

I was regaining consciousness, “sorry I just saw something, what’s going on? why you all dressed up? …..?” before I finished my question a rush of what happened in the cafeteria came to my mind and I began to sweat again, the raging girl, my supervisors, the race. “Boye how did I get here? Why were they chasing me? What happened to the girl?” I asked all these question in desperate need for an answer but my roommate just stared at me like I was speaking Spanish, the confused look suddenly turned into worry and after a few seconds he started laughing.

It was my turn to be confused and worried, why was Boye laughing so hard? And what had happened to all people in the cafeteria that looked like my supervisor, the screaming girl and all?” I needed an answer. “Boye, will you freaking answer me? Why the hell are you laughing I almost died yesterday with all those people chasing me and you think this is funny, they said I was having an extra year” tears were already gathering in my eyes and I could not hold them back I started to weep like little girl, this seemed to catch my roommates attention as the fool finally stopped laughing and sat down on my bed, a serious look on his face but the laughter was still in his eyes.

“Simple answer. Tunde it was only a nightmare…” the laughter disappeared from his eyes he was totally serious and in the place of the laughter was a joy, an overwhelming joy that I could not explain “Tunde, today is convocation, we’re graduating today and you’re the best graduating student there’s nothing like extra year we’re finally through…” tears gathered in his eyes too and started to roll down. “Guy am so proud of you and so happy for you”

I could not believe my ears, it had all being a dream? I was graduating? As the best graduating student? No supervisor? No extra year? No girl? I heaved a sigh of relief as my memory began to return to me. Wait no girl?? “ Boye what about the girl?” my roommate had stood up, his eyes dry and the sarcastic look back to his face “ uhm the girl is waiting for….ode don’t go and have your bath. After telling you it was a dream you’re still asking for a girl, she’s in your dream nar mumu” he hissed with a sarcastic disgust as he picked up both our shoes to polish.

I laughed as i picked up my towel and strolled to the bathroom, but I couldn’t shake the feeling off me, the girl was too real to be just a figment of my dream.


Photo from Egypt1


How was work today? Curtis asked Max on his way back home, “boring as usual except for the time when we were all out of the bank and a mad man ran into us and kissed the director. That was really thrown him off his friend replied. He had to be home in time to get something to eat.

Max was a 35 year old man with a wife and three children, he was a banker at the new bank on his street. Life was hard for max, he wasn’t satisfied with what he was doing and was getting peanuts for the job. His children were not in the best schools but he was still struggling to meet up with the ones they were in. Eating at home was close to hard; they had three simple meals everyday and nothing more. He was just on a thin line between the average man and the poor man.

Max decided to take another job. This he did with the thought that managing his own business would be more profiting. “With all the education the only good business Max could lay his hands on was transportation”, this was the exact statement made by one of Max’s friends in the neighborhood. He got a cab with the little money he had and started off. At a point it was like he was doing well and he was able to get two other cabs on the road. Things began to go the other way round because the drivers on the other cabs would always bring less than the required amount home and the returns wasn’t usually enough to maintain the cabs. It was five years now Max had been running this business and instead of getting increased returns, it was gradually sucking from his pocket.

It wasn’t getting any better and Max was considering another job but wasn’t he too old?, he was already 43. Soon he started work at a famous industrious dry cleaning firm since he wouldn’t be able to go back to the office. In this new job he met different kinds of customers; the worst were those who would never appreciate any work done and those who would yell at every small disorder. Well among his lovely customers was a lady who used to distribute garri (a product of cassava). On two occasions he helped the woman make deliveries when he was free. While he was gisting with his wife one Saturday he said, “This woman reminds me of the good old days when I used to distribute garri for my mother and all the sales we made back then, “then what stops us from doing it now his wife retorted. He took a long thought and one thing struck him. It was the last words of his dying mother when he was sixteen, “the things that makes a man are right in front of him”. It dawn on him that he was missing something , he had gone everywhere looking for jobs (white collar, blue collar) all couldn’t help. The business he loved and was good at was right in front of him.

In less than two years Max had built his own house and bought three family cars from garri distribution. Like Max some may make it to destiny but very late and others may never meet ULTIMATE destiny (which is to be successful in where God wants you to be). Have a lovely weekend and don’t fail destiny. Also remember to stay on the watch, will still keep you posted!!


The thought of it alone shakes my heart

Gives me slight headache

Most times I try to ignore it but then it won’t just walk out of my head

It holds me down till I let it out

It’s about the end

I wonder what it’s really about

I’ve heard lots of scary stories that are hard to comprehend

It’s so strong it beats my imagination

It’s so large it bursts my thinking faculty

And then in all this fright, I’m told I have a father up there

Somewhere who cares about me

Who is crazily in love with me and stands in my place without me knowing

And even before I existed he knew me more than I know myself now

Tell me…. Give me reasons why I shouldn’t be crazy about him

Why I shouldn’t let him take the lead

The moment he asked for my hands

I had No option but to accept him because life without him nor make sense

Tell me why I should be searching for love elsewhere when he daily loads me with excess, more than enough for me and even those around me

Why I should cry or carry a long face when He is ALWAYS by my side

Give me strong reasons… Tell me why I shouldn’t love this Man who died for me over a thousand years before I existed

Convince me….And I, boldly and confidently say this in your face

That there is nothing that can separate me from the love of God…